Waiting for the National Champs Weekend – action from Clubs League 2

17462478768_5ca3f79aff_o   cl2_8 cl2_7  cl2_5 cl2_4   cl2_1 17650908621_52b3ba8c1b_o 17650819091_e870e1448d_o 17650541765_bfe7216872_o 17650482931_af14e1862a_h 17650404001_19b8ac08ee_h 17650341551_e73c9eb49e_o 17650217385_b36286c912_o 17648256092_50975fda4f_o 17647994132_7868fc6c1c_o 17624051286_cbfbc8fb9e_o  17464664489_e1b263212f_o 17464331649_9c01caa19e_o 17462966740_b869936540_o 17462937650_78dc684308_h 17462885478_2402d0d1b5_o 17028134704_b8013c7b82_o 17030487843_9b2f790dc9_o   17030173553_1471c69170_h  17028232974_92bf629743_h  17028019094_e9928982a1_h 17027742714_18f84645cf_h

(With Thanks to Ralph (Videos)and Wally (Photos)


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