Matthew Micallef St. John Athletics Track Membership Application Form

STEP 1: Fill up the following form and when finished press the SUBMIT button.

STEP 2: Come to the track and pay for your membership via the Options in the above form. Select only the corresponding option.

Applications without payment on-site will be refused. 

You will also receive your membership info from MAAA with 5 working days.

Please abide by the MMSJ Stadium membership and rules 2020-2021 Please find membership price list below:

Category 1 Age 20 and over  €100
Category 2 12 – 19 years €70
Category 3 Under 12 years €25
Category 4 Affiliated Family Membership €180
Category 5  Age 20 and Over €150
Category 6  12-19 years €100
Category 7 Age 61 and Over  €30