The MAAA Technical Committee

MAAA Technical Committee 2014 / 2016


Chairperson Robert Chircop
MAAA President/ Representative Edwin Attard
Athlete Representative
(nominated from Athletes Committee)
Antonella Chouhal
Relay and Sprints Zeljko Aras
Hurdles David Cardona
Jumps Jivko Jetchev
Throws Genz Dapi
Middle Distance Xandru Grech
Long distance and Cross Country Ivan Rozhnov


The role of the MAAA Technical Committee includes

  • Overseeing the technical preparation of Team Malta for
    • European Team Championships
    • 2015 GSSE, Commonwealth Games
    • Other international competitions
      • World and European Indoor and Outdoor Championships
      • World and European Half Marathon Championships
      • U23 Championships
      • Youth Games (various)
  • Create a long list of athletes suitable to compete for Malta and follow up their progression (but not train them unless they are their direct coaches) through the appointment of Event Coordinators.
  • Recommend the appointment of National Coaches to the MAAA (as required)
  • Suggest MQS and NQS for participation in international competitions
  • May make recommendations in regards to the suitability of athletes for participation in international events
  • Make other recommendation to the MAAA in order to improve athletics in Malta.

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