European Athletics is holding the fifth edition of the Athletics Technology Conference, known as AthTech in Malta, bringing together athletes, tech gurus, digital and skilled professionals to focus on how all the data and technology can be used to offer better experiences to athletes and fans and to improve the economics of the sport.

The choice of Malta for the venue of this established international event reflects and consolidates the strong relationship between Athletics Malta and the European body, and an appreciation of the significant strides that Maltese athletics has taken in recent years particularly following the successful organisation of events such as the Games of Small States of Europe 2023 and the Championships for Small States in 2022.

With the participation of federations from around Europe, race organisers and service providers, this conference brought together close to hundred participants to discuss improvements in the sport aimed at maximising the benefits of the digital age.Among key topics tackled during this conference, delegates considered the use of automation and innovation in sport, and looked at how this can improve participation, experience and the production of statistics.

Among the most future-looking discussions, delegates expressed differing opinions about whether AI can replace officials during competitive events.

Solutions intended to bring increasing awareness to the sport and improve fan experience and engagement, particularly through streaming of events, where also the subject of discussion.