Road Running Season and Cross Country 2014/5

Race Number Date   Venue
1 October 18 League Race 1 (Road Running) (Updated 28th October) Siggiewi
2 October 26 League Race A (Cross Country) Marsa
3 November 1 League Race 2 (Road Running) Maqluba
4 November 16 League Race B (Cross Country) Marsa
5 December 3 School Cross Country Marsa
6 December 14 League Race C (Cross Country) Marsa
7 January 5 League Race 3 (Road Running) Bugibba
8 January 11 League Race D (Cross Country) Marsa
9 January 17 Road Relay Marsascala
10 January 25 League Race 4 (Road Running)  Ta’ Qali
11 February 1 League Race E (Cross Country) and Final Classification Marsa
12  April 19 Masters 10K
Road Running League


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