Men Junior (16-19 years)

Event Mark Date Name DOB  WIND CLUB  VENUE
100m 10.80 12-05-01 Gilford, Darren Pembroke Athleta Kyocera
200m 21.82 12-09-01 Gilford, Darren Pembroke Athleta Kyocera
400m 49.16 20-07-08 Fraser, Michael Malta Selection (FISEC)
800m 1.53.71 27-05-93 Grech, Xandru A S Libertas
1500m 3.59.47 05-07-03 Herrera, Mark Pembroke Athleta Kyocera
3000m 8:56.7h 1995 Zammit, Kevin -0.9 La Salle Tristar
110m Hurdles (0.914) 16.27 18-04-09 Sullivan, Michael 91 Pembroke Athleta
4x100m Relay 43.64 18-04-09 Sheldon,Clayton; Fraser, Michael; Camilleri, Steve; Grech, Andy Malta
High Jump 1.85m 22-05-94 Calleja, Edward La Salle Tristar
1.85m 06-06-11 Borg, Jeremy 93 Allcomers Aloysians
Long Jump 7.20m 16-05-09 Grech, Andy 0.8 Pembroke Athleta
Triple Jump 14.01m 11-05-08 Grech, Andy 1.3 Pembroke Athleta
Pole Vault 3.90m 13-04-02 Monreal, Jason Pembroke Athleta
Shot Put 14.60m 19-12-2015 Bradley Mifsud  23-01-1996   Pembroke Athleta Joe M. Gerada Memorial (Marsa) (1,h)
Discus Throw(1.75 kg) 49.49 13-05-2015 Farrugia, Luke  23-11-1996   Pembroke Athleta MAAA National Championships (Marsa) (1,f)
Javelin Throw (600g) 55.44m 01-05-04 Zammit, Edwin La Salle Tristar
Javelin Throw (800g) 63.96 06-07-2015 Bradley Mifsud 23-01-1996   Malta European Junior Championships SWE (11,hB)
Hammer 31.67 27-12-2014 Luke Farrugia  23-11-1996   Pembroke Athleta ASL Throwing Challenge (Marsa) (1,f)


3 thoughts on “Men Junior (16-19 years)

  1. If Edwin Zammit’s record of the Junior category was done with a 600gr javelin (which I doubt) that record should belong to Bradley Mifsud who this year, during the Championships, threw the 700gr javelin 55.17m. Please check Edwin’s record in the result sheets; it was done on 1st May 2004.

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