Officials are the beating heart of athletics and running and are at the centre of all our action. Our sport includes various disciplines and therefore requires a substantial number of officials to run an event successfully. Athletics Malta strives to inspire and attract officials not only from local affiliated clubs but from all stakeholders on the island.
We provide direct support through our officiating journey and each individual benefits from structured qualifications, practical competition experiences in Malta and abroad and ongoing development opportunities. It has never been simpler to get into Officiating: your first step is to contact us on [email protected] today.


We are incredibly proud of the heritage of volunteering in our sport; from administrators to coaches to officials, tuck shop organisers to club secretaries – each and every role matters and makes a huge difference. Our sport cannot exist without volunteers.
Our vision is that volunteering in athletics will be a rewarding and positive experience for everyone, with all clubs supporting volunteers throughout their journey. By improving volunteers’ experiences and making it fun and rewarding for all, we can help even more people become, and remain, involved in our sport.
We are committed to helping our clubs and groups to create the best experiences possible for volunteers. Whether you are a volunteer, looking to become one, or would like help to get more people involved, just contact our Volunteering Team on [email protected]


Coaches, together with athletes, are the key players in the development of the sport. A well-equipped and improved facility would still prove fruitless should the athlete have an unprepared coach. Athletics Malta is striving to increase the number of qualified athletics coaches on the island, but it is also seeking to further develop the skills and competences of the island’s existing mid and high-level coaches.
Coaches are the backbone of our sport, they help to inspire and dream, while providing support across all events, ability levels and ages to develop all athletes.
Athletics Malta aims to improve athletic performance levels through a number of methods:
– By developing further the World Athletics courses which are organised on the island. The association hopes to find new ways to attract both newcomers as well as former athletes who have left the sport for some reason or other. Furthermore, Athletics Malta will endeavour to seek assistance from entities such MCAST, University of Malta, World Athletics and European Athletics.- By organizing, in conjunction with the technical committee, seminars and workshops by international coaches in a continuous development programme on a regular basis.
– By ensuring that registered coaches continue their personal development in the sport, eventually leading to the issuing of a coaching licence. They will be assisted by participating in international seminars, conferences, courses, workshops etc.
Each club and by extension their registered coaches will be subject to screening, whilst Athletics Malta is responsible for screening its own officials. Professionals who come in contact or accompany minors, will be subject to a safety check. The aim of this measure is to improve the health and protection of everyone involved in the sport, through the promotion of an effective preventive policy.
It has never been simpler to get into coaching, your first step is to contact us on [email protected] today.

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