What we do

At Athletics Malta we support more than 35 affiliated clubs, schools and organisations, that between them have more than 8,000 registered athletes. This means that ours is the largest local association in terms of individual athletes. We listen and consult with our membership base regularly to ensure we understand what is needed at a grassroots level to develop athletics and running. We are committed to help our member clubs and athletes thrive, while supporting them from start to finish across the following areas:

• Coach development
• Competitions and event organisation
• Resource provision for whole club development planning
• Volunteer training and recognition

Athletics Malta is proud to work in partnership with key stakeholders and funders, most notably affiliated clubs, registered athletes, Sport Malta, the Maltese Olympic Committee and our key sponsors.

How we work

The central functions and services provided by Athletics Malta are maintained by a small team of volunteers. These services and responsibilities include:

• Membership and renting services for our national stadia
• Support relating to international events
• Nationwide event organisation across a range of age groups and disciplines
• Financial and accounting services

Our council members aim to provide the sport with support and resources at a local level, working to sustain the invaluable work of clubs and coaches. We also have a team of Education Coordinators tasked with the organisation and delivery of courses for coaches and officials, enabling them to develop their skills and improve their qualifications.

Our strategy

Athletics Malta is both the development and elite body for athletics and running clubs here in Malta. We are responsible for developing athletics by supporting affiliated clubs to grow, developing more and better coaches and by recruiting and supporting volunteers and officials. Athletics Malta also provides and supports international competition opportunities.

Our Mission

Athletics Malta strives to unite athletes of every level of interest and ability, promoting a healthy and inclusive lifestyle through the sport of athletics and running, while enhancing the quality of life in our community.

Our Vision

Athletics Malta believes that athletics and running should be open and accessible to everyone. Our sport is growing, and our role is to ensure we deliver attractive and enticing experiences for athletes and runners of all abilities. As the nation’s athletics governing body, we seek to support our best talent in breaking new limits while pushing the wider family of athletes in their progression, thus making this sport more popular as a means to a healthy way of living. In achieving this goal, we are driven by three key values.

Our key values

Integrity: We uphold honesty and high ethical standards in all areas of our work.

Diversity: We welcome all differences and believe that diversity gives the local community a sounder basis for success.

Community and Teamwork: The growth of this sport in Malta cannot be achieved by any association, club or individuals on their own. It is only through collaboration that this sport will reach the highs it deserves.