Chef de mission urges athletes to stay focused

Malta’s chef de mission William Beck has urged MOC athletes not to let the upcoming General Election take away their focus from the Games of the Small States of Europe in San Marino. This year, the biennial Games will be held between May 28 and June 3, the latter date coinciding with the General Election here.

Beck said that the Maltese Olympic Committee had to switch their travel plans to ensure that all members forming part of the contingent will be able to vote before their departure on May 27.

He appealed to the coaches and officials that once the team arrives in San Marino they must ensure that all athletes focus solely on the Games.

“The Games this year have provided us with a new challenge in the form of the General Election,” Beck said.

“We made all the necessary arrangements so all members of the team will be able to cast their vote. However, we hope that once that procedure is completed everyone dedicates all his/her energy to make sure they perform to their best during the Games.

“Our primary goal in San Marino will be to try and limit outside interferences that can hamper our athletes’ concentration and I’m confident that all administrators and coaches present will help us to provide the best environment for our athletes.”

Mario Micallef, the technical director, said that Team Malta will include a bigger group of athletes than two years ago in Iceland and that he was confident the athletes’ performances will prove that the MOC was right to include them in their selection.

“Our contingent is slightly bigger than two years ago but one has to keep in mind that we are competing in two team sports this time,” Micallef said.

“We are competing in all 12 disciplines in San Marino and the expectations will be very high.

“We are trying not to apply any extra pressure on our athletes as it could affect them negatively.

“But we have a lot of faith in their abilities and I’m sure they will make us proud with the results they achieve.”

Team Malta

Archery: D. Schembri, P. Zammit.

Athletics: L. Bezzina, M. Croker, C. Debono, I.P. Grech, D. Saliba, L.M. Bezzina, F. Borg, S. Busuttil, M.L. Camilleri, A. Chouhal, P. Dalli, R. Fitz, J. Richard, R. Sare, R. Schembri, A. Vassallo, J. Vella, C. Wingfield.

Basketball: H. Al Tumi, M. Bonett, S. Brincat, E. Cassar, C. Curmi, S. De Martino, C. Grima, J. Grima, N. Handreck, G. Mifsud, S. Pace, A. Vella.

Beach volley: D. Bonnici, G. Zarb, R. Balzan, M. Raffa.

Bowls: D. Farrugia, R. Farrugia, S. Farrugia, G. Gemelli.

Cycling: E. Bonello, M. Formosa, J. Mifsud, A. Pettett, P. Scicluna, S. Alden, M.C. Aquilina, M. Vella Wood.

Judo: R. Zammit.

Shooting: G. Azzopardi Spiteri, G. Chetcuti, W. Chetcuti, B. Dimitrov, C. Farrugia, B. Galea, F. Pace, W. Vella, E. Bezzina.

Swimming: J. Bugeja, A. Chetcuti, M. Galea, M. Stafrace, M. Umnov, T. Wareing, M. Zammit, M. Azzopardi, F. Falzon Young, A. McGonigle, A. Micallef, L. Tanti.

Table tennis: V. Lucenkova, J. Pace.

Tennis: M. Asciak, O. Sudzuka, F. Curmi, E. Genovese.

Volleyball: A. Agius, D. Bonnici, A. Borg, L. Cordina, M.A. Costa, I. Cutajar, S. El Gasi, M. Falzon, T. Gatt, Z. Malasevksa, F. Sarcina, S. Spiteri.

Source: Chef de mission urges athletes to stay focused

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