FISEC 2015 Results on Track Meet Mobile

Track meet mobile

The results of the FISEC 2015 Athletics competition are available live on the mobile app (iOS and Android) available for free from the respective app store. Other information such as start lists and meet records are also available.

This platform of LIVE results will be used by the MAAA for future track and field meeting.


Clubs League 3 – 4th of July – Timetable

4:30 800m men Triple Jump Men / Women Discus Men / Women
Triple Jump Men Youth
4:40 800m women
4:50 100m men
5:00 100m women
5:10 1500m men
5:20 1500m women
5:30 400m men Long Jump Men / Women Javelin Men / Women
Javelin Youth Men
5:35 400m women
5:40 400m Men Youths
5:50 200m men
5:55 200m women
6:00 High Jump Men / Women Shot Men / Shot Women
6:05 5000m men / women
6:30 3000m men youths
6:45 4×100 relay men
6:55 4×100 relay youths men
7:05 4×100 relay women