MAAA T&F National Championship 2015

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This year’s Track and Field Championships for Seniors, Juniors, Intermediates and Masters and Cadets and Youths are being held at the Marsa Track on 16th May and 17th May 2015 while the 10000m and the steeplechase will be held on Wednesday 13 May.

Click here for further details. Timetables are available below.

MAAA Championships 2015
Wednesday 13 May 2015
06:00 3000m st Open M
06:30 3000m st Open W
07:00 10000m Open M/W
Saturday 16 May 2015
01:30 Hammer Open M/W
02:00 High Jump Open M Discus Youths B
02:30 75m Hurd Youths G High Jump Open W Discus Youths G
02:45 80m Hurd Youths B
03:00 Long Jump Youths B Discus Cadets B
03:05 100m (SF) Open M
03:15 100m (SF) Open W
03:30 100m Cadets B Discus Cadets G
03:45 100m Cadets G
04:00 800m Youths B Long Jump Youths G
04:05 800m Youths G
04:15 600m Cadets B
04:25 600m Cadets G
04:30 Javelin Youths B
04:35 200m Youths B
04:45 200m Youths G Long Jump Cadets B
05:00 100m (F) Open M
05:10 100m (F) Open W
05:15 Long Jump Cadets G Javelin Youths G
05:20 1500m Open M
05:30 1500m Open W
05:45 3000m Youths B
06:00 3000m Youths G Triple Jump Open M Shot Cadets B
06:15 400m Open M
06:20 400m Open W
06:30 4x100m Cadets G Triple Jump Open W Shot Cadets G
06:40 4x100m Cadets G
06:50 3000m Open M
07:00 3000m Open W
Sunday 17 May 2015
01:30 400m hur Open M,W
01:40 400m hur Open M,W
02:00 4x100m Open M Pole Vault Open M,W Discus Open MW
02:10 4x100m Open W
02:30 110 Hurd Open M Shot Youths B
02:35 100 Hurd Open W
02:45 70m Hurd Cadets G
03:00 75m Hurd Cadets B Long Jump Open M Shot Youths G
03:15 100m Youths B
03:30 100m Youths G Shot Open MW
03:45 800m Open M Long Jump Open W
03:50 800m Open W
04:00 300m Cadets B
04:10 300m Cadets G
04:15 High Jump Youths B
04:25 200m Open M
04:30 200m Open W
04:45 1500m Youths B High Jump Youths G
04:55 1500m Youths G
05:00 Javelin Open M
05:10 1200m Cadets B
05:20 1200m Cadets G
05:30 400m Youths B High Jump Cadets B Javelin Open W
05:35 400m Youths G
05:45 5000m Open M
06:00 High Jump Cadets G Javelin Cadets B
06:10 5000m Open W
06:30 Javelin Cadets G
06:35 4x100m Youths B
06:45 4x100m Youths G

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