Timetable – Challenge Meeting 2 – 28th March 2015

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13:00 110m / 100m Hur. Open M,W
13:10 70m hurdles Cadets G
13:20 75m hurdles Youths G
13:30 75m hurdles Cadets B High Jump Open M,W Hammer Open M,W
Long Jump Kids B,G
13:40 80m hurdles Youths B
13:50 400m hurdles Open M,W
14:00 300m hurdles Youths B High Jump Cadet B,G Hammer Youth B,G
14:15 100m Open M
14:25 100m Open W
14:30 Javelin Open M,W
14:35 60m Kids B
14:45 60m Kids G Long Jump Open M,W
15:00 800m Open M Javelin Youth B,G
15:05 800m Open W
15:10 800m Youths B
15:15 800m Youths G
15:25 3000m Youths B,G
15:30 Discus Open M,W
15:40 200m Youths B
15:45 200m Youths G Long Jump Youth B
15:50 200m Open M
15:55 200m Open W
16:00 Discus Youth, Cadet B,G
16:10 1500m Open M,W
16:15 Long Jump Youth G
16:20 1200m Cadets B
16:30 1200m Cadets G Shot Open M,W
16:40 400m Open M
16:45 400m Open W
16:55 300m Cadets B
17:00 Triple Jump Open M,W
17:05 300m Cadets G
17:20 5000m Open M,W


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