From the Press: The Marsa Athletics Stadium Project


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In December 2009, the Matthew Micallef St. John Athletics Stadium in Marsa was granted to the Malta Amateur Athletic Association on a 49-year lease contract that can be renewed for further periods.

Following the signing of this contract, detailed plans  for the development of the Marsa track and field facility (which includes an IAAF certified Class II 400m track and a warm-up track that measures 140m x 10m) into a High Performance Centre were drawn up.

The plans envisage the development of an area of over 2000 square meters that currently houses the warm-up track and the adjacent private road behind the stands of the athletic stadium.

In the proposed plan, the warm-up track will be turned into an indoor track, while the area above the indoor track and the private road is planned to provide facilities for accommodation, medical and scientific testing, massage, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The centre will also include a gym and a restaurant area. The new facility can attract different markets. Such a centre will undoubtedly appeal to top sportspersons from different local sporting federations but will also be an attraction to the growing local fitness community. Not least, the centre will have vast potential in the area of Sports Tourism. Finally,it is not excluded that the large sports hall created can have additional business potential in other areas that are not strictly sports related and that the project can be of interest to both local and foreign entrepreneurs


Indoor Track in Rejkjavik

It is believed that current circumstances may favour the implementation of a project concerning the development of the Matthew Micallef St. John Athletic Stadium in Marsa. It is understood that such a project may not only qualify for EU funding in terms of the draft EU Cohesion Policy for the years 2014 -2020, but it appears that if Section 14 of the electoral programme of the current administration is implemented, then it is likely that sporting associations such as the Malta Amateur Athletic Association may be able to enter into public-private partnerships.

It is anticipated that changes to existing contracts between Government and sporting entities will in the near future allow the Malta AAA to issue a call for ‘An Expression of Interest’ for the development of the Marsa Athletics Stadium.

Edwin Attard

President MAAA

MAAA Schools’ Cross Country Competition – Wednesday 3rd December 2014


The Malta Amateur Athletic Association is holding a Cross Country Competition for Schools on Wednesday 3rd December 2014. The Cross Country Competition will be held on the grass area around the Marsa Athletic Track.


10:00 a.m. Primary School Girls born: 2004 1 kilometre
10:15 a.m. Primary School Boys born: 2004 1 kilometre
10:30 a.m. Cadets Girls born: 2002, 2003 2 kilometres
10:50 a.m. Cadets Boys born: 2002, 2003 2 kilometres
11:10 a.m. Youths Girls born: 2000, 2001 2 kilometres
11:30 a.m. Youths Boys born: 2000, 2001 3.5 kilometres


MAAA officials will start distributing Race Numbers to PE Teachers / School Officials at 9:30 a.m. in the vicinity of the Start Area.


The Start and Finish of the MAAA Cross Country Competition will take place in the grass area within the Matthew Micallef St John Athletics Track.


There will be prizes for the first three runners in each race (boys and girls) together with prizes for the first three teams in each of the four races.



The races will be run over a course that will be confined to a grass area


Athletes are to run with the number assigned to them for this competition.


Entries are to be sent on the Official Entry Form by email (please indicate school, surname, name, date of birth, category, sex).

Send entry forms to the following email addresses by not later than 30th November 2014:

Entries are to be sent to Mr A. Fava at the following email address:

and copied to:


In order to ensure the smooth organization of the competition, participating schools, apart from the teacher coaching the team, may be requested, if possible, to provide assistance to the Malta Amateur Athletic Association.


  • To be eligible for the Team Prize of a particular race, schools must enter at least 4 runners in that race.
  • Each School can enter a maximum of 8 athletes per race.
  • Team positions will be determined by place.
  1. All athletes fielded by a school will be considered to be potential scoring members.
  2. Only the first 4 runners of each team will be considered to be the scoring members.
  3. Team scores shall be the total of the finishing position of each scoring member.
  • The team with the lowest total points is the Team Winner.