Next Meeting – Clubs’ League 3 – Wednesday 17th July 2013


The schedule for the next Club’s League Meeting is found below. Entries for the events are to be sent to Mr Maurice Spiteri on and cced to


06:00 800m men Triple Jump Men / WomenTriple Jump Youths Men Discus Men / Women
06:10 800m women
06:20 100m men
06:30 100m women
06:45 1500m men High Jump Men / Women Javelin Men / WomenJavelin Youths Men
06:55 1500m women
07:05 400m men
07:10 400m women
07:15 400m men youths
07:25 200m men
07:30 200m women Long Jump Men  / Women Shot Men / Shot Women
07:40 3000m men youths
08:00 5000m men / women
08:25 4×100 relay men
08:30 4×100 relay youths men
08:35 4×100 relay women  

WARM UPWarm up is to take place in the warm-up area behind the stands. Athletes are not allowed to enter the track or field before their event is called.

NUMBER OF JUMPS / THROWS:  In the throws and in the horizontal jumps, athletes in the Open Clubs’ League will be allowed FOUR attempts; in the Youths Clubs’ League athletes will be allowed THREE attempts. Kids and Cubs will be allowed TWO attempts.