It will be a packed athletics weekend for all ages at the Matthew Micallef St John in Marsa as the season approaches its end. For younger athletes, the National Championships will be the highlight of this gruelling season while the seniors will have one final opportunity, through the second Challenge meeting of the season, to finalise their preparations for the  National Championships due on 22nd and 23rd August.

The weekend will comprise no less than 45 events, 22 on Saturday and 23 on Sunday. 

The seniors Challenge meeting will mark the return of the long-distance runners on the track for a 5000m race. A number of local athletes have performed admirably during the first road races following the resumption of sporting activities and it will be interesting to see if such performances can be replicated on the tartan track.

Among the younger athletes, the events held during the past week gave some indications of favourites for podium finishes. Among the Under 16s, Matthew Galea Soler, Gabriel Petroni (La Salle) and Yan Vella from Pembroke Athleta are sure bets for the sprints, while Julian Zarb (La Salle), Matthew Curmi (Savio) and Noah Portelli from Mosta Secondary School can all aspire for a place on the podium on the longer distances.

Juliette Spina from San Anton, Jade Borg and Kay Lee Testa from Pembroke are the names to watch in the girls category.

The U14 boys the duo Thomas Grech, Lyon Falzon from La Salle and the Starmax Shoemake female twins in the short sprints are dubbed for Gold. Mireya Bugeja, fresh from her best overall performance in the 1200m is a natural choice for a repeat strong performance.

In the U12 boys, the Pembroke starlets Elai Borg and Jamie Azzopardi start as the favourites to fight for gold whilst confirming their supremacy in the category. Thea Grech (La Salle) and Kristina Azzopardi (Pembroke Athleta) start as favourites among the girls.

A full programme of events is available below. The presentation ceremony of the awards will be held on Monday 3rd August at 18hrs at the Matthew Micallef St John Track. 

While entrance will be free of charge throughout the weekend, the MAAA is informing the public that access to Marsa track from Aldo Moro street is no longer possible and should be directed to the Park and Ride Qormi via Marsa Sports Club. Drivers are encouraged to park in the ditch. There shall be signs for directions.

Programme of Events 

Saturday 1st August 2020


U16 M U16B Boys’ 1500 Steeplechase 16:30
ALL F SW Womens’ Hurdles 16:40
ALL F SM Mens’ Hurdles 16:45
U14 M U14B Boys’ Discus 16:50
U14 F U14G Girls’ Discus 16:50
U16 M U16B Boys’ Long Jump 16:55
U12 M U12B Boys’ Long Jump 16:55
U16 F U16G Girls’ 75 Hurdes 17:00
U16 M U16B Boys’ 80 Hurdles 17:10
U12 F U12G Girls’ 60 17:20
U12 M U12B Boys’ 60 17:30
ALL M SM Men’s Hammer 17:30
ALL F SW Women’s Hammer 17:30
U16 F U16G Girls’ Long Jump 17:40
U12 F U12G Girls’ Long Jump 17:40
ALL M SM Men’s 100 17:45
U14 M U14B Boys’ 100 17:55
U14 F U14G Girls’ 100 18:05
ALL F SW Women’s 100 18:20
U16 F U16G Girls’ Discus 18:20
U16 M U16B Boys’ Discus 18:20
U16 M U16B Boys’ 800 18:30
ALL M SM Men’s 800 18:40
U16 F U16G Girls’ 800m 18:50
U14 M U14B Boys’ High Jump 18:50
U14 F U14G Girls’ High Jump 18:50
ALL F SW Women’s 800 19:00
U16 M U16B Boys’ Javelin 19:00
U16 F U16G Girls’ Javelin 19:00
ALL M SM Men’s Javelin 19:00
ALL F SW Women’s Javelin 19:00
ALL M SM Men’s Long Jump 19:00
ALL F SW Women’s Long Jump 19:00
U16 F U16G Girls’ 100 19:05
U16 M U16B Boys’ 100 19:15
U14 M U14B Boys’ 600 19:30
U14 F U14G Girls’ 600 19:40
U14 M U14B Boys’ Shot 19:40
U14 F U14G Girls’ Shot 19:40
U16 M U16B Boys’ 4×100 20:00
U16 F U16G Girls’ 4×100 20:15
ALL MF SMW Mixed 5000 20:25


Sunday 2nd August 2020

U14 F U14G Girls’  70 Hurdles 16:30
U16 M U16B Boys’ High Jump 16:30
ALL M SM Mens’ High Jump 16:30
U12 F U12G Girls’ Ball Throw 16:30
U14 M U14B Boys’  75 Hurdles 16:40
U16 F U16G Girls’ 200 16:50
U16 M U16B Boys’ 200 17:00
ALL F SW Womens’ Discus Throw 17:00
U12 M U12B Boys’ Ball Throw 17:00
ALL M SM Mens’ Discus Throw 17:00
U14 M U14B Boys’  Long Jump 17:00
U16 M U16B Boys’ 1500 17:15
ALL M SM Mens’ 1500 17:25
U14 F U14G Girls’ 300 17:35
U12 F U12G Girls’ 300 17:45
U14 M U14B Boys’ 300 17:55
U12 M U12B Boys’ 300 18:05
U16 M U16B Boys’ Shot 18:10
U16 F U16G Girls’ Shot 18:10
U16 F U16G Girls’ High Jump 18:10
ALL F SW Womens’ High Jump 18:10
ALL F SW Womens’ 1500 18:15
U16 F U16G Girls’ 1500 18:25
ALL M SM Men’s 200 18:35
U14 M U14B Boys’  Javelin 18:40
U14 F U14G Girls’ Javelin 18:40
ALL F SW Women’s 200 18:45
U14 M U14B Boys’  1200 18:55
U14 F U14G Girls’  Long Jump 19:00
SEN,U18,U20,U23 MF SMW Shot 19:00
U16 M U16B Boys’ 400 19:05
U16 F U16G Girls’ 400 19:15
U14 F U14G Girls’  1200 19:30
ALL M SM Mens’ Triple Jump 19:30
ALL F SW Womens’ Triple Jump 19:30
ALL M SM Mens’ 400 19:40
ALL F SW Womens’ 400 19:45
U14 F U14G Girls’ 4×100 19:55
U14 M U14B Boys’ 4×100 20:05
U16 M U16B Boys’ 3000 20:20
U16 F U16G Girls’ 3000 20:30