Following the organisation of two micro-events which gave crucial time on track and field for Malta’s top and budding athletes, the level of competition will intensify this Saturday, with the MAAA’s Challenge Meeting 1, one of the last competitive appointments before the National Championships due in a month’s time.

With this unique season coming to an end, and the aforementioned Championhips a mere four weeks away, improved performances are expected in this event, which is open for all age categories from Under 16s up to Seniors. Besides the sprint distances which have already featured in the micro-events, the MAAA Challenge 1 will see the return of the Middle-Distance races, ranging from 800m to 3000m.

Saturday’s races and field events provide many reasons for anticipation for local athletic enthusiasts, with the expected seasonal debut of Maltese international athlete Charlotte Wingfield on home soil and the debut of seasoned sprinter Steve Camilleri among many others.

While the first two micro-events provided the sporting community with two new national records by Luca Martini and Luke Farrugia in the hammer and discus throw respectively – a record which the two will seek to improve this Saturday – expectations are high for 110m hurdler Daniel Saliba who in the microevent missed out on improving his own National Record (15:52) by a mere 15 milliseconds (15.67).

Evergreen athlete Rachid Chouhal, winner of multiple medals for Malta at the Games of Small States of Europe, will be seeking to build on his newly-achieved Masters Records in the 100 metres (11.36s) and Long Jump (6.14m).

The MAAA Challenge 1 will be held this Saturday from 4.45pm onwards at the Matthew Micallef St John Athletics Track in Marsa. The event is open to the general public and admittance is free of charge.



Event No. Category Gender Event Start Time
1 SenU16U18U20U23 M Hammer Throw Men 16:45
2 SenU16U18U20U23 F Hammer Throw Women 16:45
3 U16 M High Jump Boys 16:45
4 U16 F High Jump Girls 16:45
5 SenU18U20U23 M 110mH Men 16:45
6 SenU18U20U23 M 100m Men 17:00
7 SenU18U20U23 F 100m Women 17:15
8 SenU18U20U23 M 800m Men 17:30
9 SenU18U20U23 F 800m Women 17:40
10 U16 M 800m Boys 17:50
11 U16 F 800m Girls 18:00
12 SenU18U20U23 M Discus Throw Men 18:00
13 SenU18U20U23 F Discus Throw Women 18:00
14 U16 M Discus Throw Boys 18:00
15 U16 F Discus Throw Girls 18:00
16 SenU18U20U23 M 400m Men 18:15
17 SenU18U20U23 F 400m Women 18:30
18 SenU18U20U23 M Long Jump Men 18:30
19 SenU18U20U23 F Long Jump Women 18:30
20 SenU18U20U23 M 1500m Men 18:45
21 SenU18U20U23 F 1500m Women 19:00
22 SenU18U20U23 M Shot Put Men 19:00
23 SenU18U20U23 F Shot Put Women 19:00
24 SenU18U20U23 M Javelin Men 19:10
25 SenU18U20U23 F Javelin Women 19:10
26 U16 M 200m Boys 19:15
27 U16 F 200m Girls 19:25
28 SenU18U20U23 M 200m Men 19:35
29 SenU18U20U23 F 200m Women 19:45
30 SenU18U20U23 M Triple Jump Men 19:50
31 SenU18U20U23 F Triple Jump Women 19:50
32 SenU16U18U20U23 M 3000m Men 19:55
33 SenU16U18U20U23 F 3000m Women 20:20